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John R. Coyne

John Coyne has twenty-five years of experience in the technology industry including the successful startup and development of several enterprises. Mr. Coyne has proven experience in developing successful business from scratch.

Mr. Coyne’s experience spans business, technology and consulting. Acting for Netscape, he was the principal architect of a strategic partnership with Citibank, an alliance that generated over $100 million in Netscape revenue. Mr. Coyne also founded the Object Technology Group for SHL Systemshouse, generating in excess of $110 million in services and value in less than one year. He is a principal in IPECO; an intellectual property company focused on invention and innovation technologies for e-commerce concerns.

As a technologist, Mr. Coyne was a founding member of the Rosetta Project; a privately funded research group that provided transportable software languages based on BCPL. He founded Base Technologies, which produced the world’s first windowing software for PCs and the world’s first multi-file access operating systems enhancements. Mr. Coyne also founded Cool Technologies, which provided the basis for multi-component object classes that could be re-combined to produce “applications-on-demand.” He was the senior lead in the development and sale of artificial intelligence based mainframe systems developed in Europe. He has three patents to his credit.

He has managed operations in the U.K., The Netherlands, Germany, France and Ireland for both public and privately traded businesses.

Mr. Coyne is also an experienced consultant. Past positions have included Director of Advanced Solutions for KPMG and Director of Strategic Consulting for Oracle, a division he founded.

Michael P. Conforti

Michael Conforti has extensive experience in domestic and international development and public relations. He joined GTECH Corporation in 1996. GTECH, based in West Greenwich, Rhode Island, has 5,000 employees in 40 countries, is publicly traded on the New York Stock X-change (GTK), and has annual revenues exceeding $1 billion. GTECH’s primary focus is on the development and management of gaming operations and related applications over online transaction networks. These GTECH-designed networks, often relying on satellite technology and utilizing large mainframe computers, are used to process in excess of 50 billion transactions annually. In addition to on-line gaming, GTECH leverages these networks to provide data communications and financial and electronic benefit transaction services. The Company also develops and manages Internet-based solutions for its clients.

In 1997, he relocated to GTECH’s London office to manage the Company’s International Business Development operations. As Vice President of International Business Development, Mr. Conforti was responsible for developing business in areas of the world where GTECH had yet to establish a presence. Specifically, Mr. Conforti and his team of professionals based in the United States, Europe, Africa and Asia were responsible for every element of the business development process from the establishment of joint ventures to the negotiation of commercial agreements.

As manager of the Company’s international business development organization, GTECH managed to win new business in Italy, France, Israel, Ukraine, South Africa, Morocco, Ivory Coast, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, and China with an aggregate value in excess of $750 million. In less than three years, this success resulted in the growth of the Company’s worldwide presence by more than 20 percent. He also managed GTECH’s Asian business operations out of the Company’s regional headquarters in Singapore. In total, he supervised business operations in 11 offices on four continents.

Prior to joining GTECH, Mr. Conforti was a Director of Black, Manafort, Stone & Kelly (BMSK), a leading Washington, DC-based Public Affairs Company. His responsibilities included representing the business and political interests of Fortune 500 companies, multinational corporations and foreign governments before the US Congress and Presidential Administration. He had significant responsibility for several of the firm’s largest clients, the most prominent being NEC Corporation of Japan.

Michael is also a lawyer and a member of the Virginia Bar.

Chris Coyne

Mr. Coyne has 23 years experience in technical consulting. As a Business Strategist and Senior Graphics Designer, he facilitates G1K Solution Sessions and Invevo in; Web design, technical architectures, system platform design, business process modeling, branding, marketing, and technical research. He coordinates projects, internal infrastructure logistics and knowledge management.

Mr. Coyne previously led development of strategic analysis networking design for British Aircraft Corporation's "Concord Project" developing leading innovative systems solutions. In previous positions he entered the Micro Computer Business Software industry. Developing Financial Suite Packaged Software. Providing technical support and customer services.

Chris Coyne has held various consulting positions, Dot Com Practice and e-Business as well as, Human Relations Management and graphics positions on with companies such as C-Change, a change management company that provides strategic transition solutions and other consulting services. He worked with Netscape on projects with Equitable Life (insurance), Bell Atlantic and NYNEX (telecommunications) and CitiGroup (financial institution) developing technical solutions and graphical representations for strategic business planning. Mr. Coyne has assisted with numerous professional engagements with clients including; Fox News, Diamlier Chrysler and Conseco.

After serving with honor in the USN 75-79 as Aviation Machinists Mate First Class, Mr. Coyne received a Broadcasting Degree in Communications from Bailie in San Francisco and holds a current First Class FCC license.

UK Executive Biographies


Louis Hartwell

Louis was most recently the CEO of ABN Global, a global network and primary hosting company headquartered in London, with offices in Tel Aviv, Spain, New York and the UK. He was recently responsible for the turn around of this company and its subsequent sale to a US-based broadband fixed wireless company. Before joining ABN, Louis was CEO of Letsbuyit.com B2B based in the UK.

Prior to his forays into the Internet world, Louis was Managing Partner for KPMG's UK-based Global Communications Operators Group. This global groups' specific vertical focus was with Telco’s, Internet Companies, Media, Broadband and Satellite. In this role, Louis built KPMG's communications industry practice in Europe from scratch to £160 million that included recruiting over 250 employees in just 18 months and establishing the global entity in the US, Germany, France, UK, Italy, Belgium and Spain. He also maintained well above industry average profit margins. Some of his clients included Global One, AT&T, BT, XEROX, SPRINT, BBC Worldwide, Leavesden Studios, Unisys, Olivetti, Deutsch Telecom, KPNQwest and France Telcom. While in the consulting world, Louis was also Associate Partner with Andersen Consulting's (now Accenture) Pan-European services where he was responsible for all of Andersen's business and strategic management consulting to all PTTs in Europe.

Before stepping into a consulting capacity, Louis spent over 23 years at AT&T in the US and Europe, most recently as the Vice President of International Strategic Planning, M&A and Business Development within AT&T's Communications Services Group. He was responsible for globalizing AT&T's services by developing long-term business strategies in Canada, Mexico, UK, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Germany and France. Louis led the strategy and formation of a $1.5b joint venture in Mexico which today has an NPV of approximately $11b.

While at AT&T Louis also had P&L responsibility for the $240m structured cabling business unit and its components. This is today the CAT5 high speed data cabling and components and included design, engineering, manufacturing and distribution on a world wide basis. He also represented AT&T on the Washington DC NCHI and National Council of Housing Boards of Directors

Louis has a BS in Business Administration from the University of Kentucky, and an MBA from Rutgers University. He is an Associate Member of the UK Institute of Chartered Accounts. He was also recently appointed as a member of the WHO's WHO Historical Society. He lives in England with his wife and two children.

Robert Conway

Mr. Conway has 20 years of experience of Business Development in Computing, Telecoms and Internet technology companies.

Recently UK Business Development Director at TelePost Inc, a subsidiary of the UK’s largest Internet Service Provider, Freeserve Plc. He negotiated resale contracts with Alcatel, GTS, RSLcom and World Online in Europe.

In the mid 90’s Mr. Conway was Business Development Manager to British Telecom at GPT Intelligent Networks. He also helped to develop the market for Intelligent Networks (800 services) amongst the UK newly licensed operators in the recently de-regulated Telecoms market.

In the mid 80’s he sold the first data network outsourcing contract in the UK to the Dixons Stores Group Plc, he went on to manage a multi million pound relationship with British Aerospace (Guided Weapons and Commercial Aircraft) for the supply of computing and consultancy services.

Trained by IBM during the early 80’s he helped to develop the UK aftermarket for IBM’s PC, developing the UK sales channels for companies such as AST and Tallgrass Technologies.

He lives in the UK with his family and is a qualified private pilot (UK & US)

Mark Greenwood

Mark is a Managing Director and VP with broad general management experience in major multinationals, and serves as Chief Operations Officer for the URU Technologies business in Europe, headquartered in the UK.

Mark has an MSc from Cranfield University, and is a Chartered Mechanical Engineer

Key areas of experience include success in leading turnarounds, acquisition integration, start-ups and change programmes involving strategy development, marketing and sales management, operations, business process redesign, restructuring and productivity improvement.

Industry background spans Aerospace, Industrial, Petrochemicals, Logistics, Automotive, FMCG, Big-5 Consultancy and IT.

Most recently, he was Area VP and Managing Director for Sybase UK and Ireland, a $70M t/o, 300+ people data-base and application integration provider.

Previously, Mark served as a European VP for Baan, worked as a Principal with KPMG Consulting, was Operations Director for Courage UK, an Executive Director with logistics company NFC plc, and had a 10 year career with Exxon Chemicals, working in the UK and Europe.

Mark started his career as a Graduate Trainee for Rolls-Royce in their Aero Division

Board Member Biographies

Dan Valentino - Board Director and Vice Chairman - URU Technologies Corp

Mr. Valentino has over twenty-five years of extensive business and management consulting experience. His consulting career began in 1978, when he joined United Research Company (which became Gemini Consulting). In the early years he designed and delivered numerous performance improvement initiatives, pioneering the application of multidiscipline teams and process reengineering in the attainment of significant business performance improvements. In 1986, he became President and COO of United Research, seeing the impending need for large-scale change in corporate America, he spearheaded the continued development of a firm that partnered with clients to achieve their financial and strategic objectives through total change, if necessary. United Research grew from $30 million to over $150 million by 1991, and became the cornerstone of Gemini Consulting.

As Managing Director of North America for Gemini Consulting, Mr. Valentino oversaw the acquisition and integration of multiple consulting firms and competencies that lead to continued innovation and change within the consulting industry.

In 1992, Mr. Valentino was elected Chief Executive Officer of Gemini Consulting. As CEO, he continued to apply his leadership and consulting experience to what became a $650 million, global consulting organization, with over 2000 professionals, consulting to multi-national corporations. Gemini provided a full range of services, including strategy formulation, change management, operations improvements and the application of information technology.

Mr. Valentino’s primary expertise is the design and implementation of complex strategic initiatives leading to significant improvement in business performance. He has had the responsibility for change initiatives with large multi-national corporations across multiple industries and has repeatedly addressed forums of business leaders on the topic of Business Transformation.

Since 1997, Mr. Valentino has been working with various new ventures in both leadership and advisory capacity assisting in the development and implementation of successful high growth strategies. The primary focus has been the sales and marketing of technology-based products to corporate clients.

  • Assisted C-Change, a management-consulting firm in developing a strategy to reposition the firm as an Internet and Internet Technology firm specializing in the design and implementation of Web based business initiatives.
  • Became the CEO of Globalpathways, a firm whose mission was to bring the power of the Internet through a low cost, customized solution to first-time users, worldwide. The company was forced to cease operations following the terrorists’ attacks of 9/11.
  • As a partner in 3degrees Holdings, is assisting a diverse set of clients from Palm Inc. to AMS, a biotech products company for the Agriculture industry, to increase sales and market share in select new markets


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